Is your IT Department a mess? Does your company own a lot of technology but hardly uses or leverage much of it? Do you need help fixing your IT Department and not sure where to go?

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Who We Are

With over 20 years of IT management and leadership experience, we have successfully managed just about any IT business challenge that you might encounter. These range from the day to day tasks of running an IT organization to road mapping a five year corporate technology strategy. We are also pragmatic leaders who can get right to the heart of the issue and develop successful solutions that are aligned with your business requirements.

We are masters at:

  • Building a Strategic IT Plan
  • Leading, coaching, and mentoring your team
  • Developing your IT Standards and Policies
  • Developing budgeting and procurement frameworks
  • Developing processes and management controls
  • Organizational IT development
  • AND much more!

What We Do


Organizations need someone specialized in formulating Strategic IT goals, someone who can take the vision of the CEO, ROI concerns of the CFO, operational efficiency needs of the COO, and the Technology knowledge of the IT Department and blend them all together to form the Organization’s IT Strategy. Proactive IT Concepts provide Organizations with the vCIO (virtual Chief Information Officer) Strategist they need.

vCEO for MSPs

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Strategy and Tactics of hiring a CIO

In today’s world, technology is a prime tool for a growing organization, and how successful an organization leverages technology can make the difference between consistently winning battles or slowly losing the war.

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Why you need a CIO

Every organization, regardless of size, needs someone in charge of managing all the organizations IT (Information Technology) uses and needs. Even with choosing one of the strong, successful, organizational leaders above to manage IT, it is not surprising to find that the organizations IT becomes muddled over time, not quite producing the results the organization wants or expects. Why?

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What is a vCIO

A vCIO (“virtual” Chief Information Officer) is someone who collaborates and performs the same functions as a CIO but is contracted from outside of your organization. Learn more about how a vCIO can benefit your organization.

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How to fix your IT Service Provider

Many small and medium-sized Organizations make the decision to outsource their IT to an IT Service Provider to manage their IT infrastructure and/or end-user IT systems. MSPs provide a much-needed function in keeping the day-in/day-out technology infrastructure stable for the Organizations they support.

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